Runyon Canyon June 9, 2013

Me at Runyon Canyon before I collapsed just hours later.

While I’ve lost ten pounds in the past couple of weeks, I had a major setback that I am figuring out how to deal with.

It seems that I’ve developed a herniated disc that is very painful.  So painful that it took 6 Los Angeles Fire Department personell to lift my fat ass off of the floor of my bathroom (long story) down my stairs and into the ambulance so I could go to the emergency room after I collapsed and couldn’t walk.  And for the record, I stayed on the floor for two hours before I built up the nerve to call 911, lol.

I probably over did it Sunday when I decided to hike at Runyon Canyon–this after I had been the emergency room just two days before.  But in my defense, I thought I needed to walk to help my back.

So now, thanks to some morphine, steroids, and a bottle of vicodine, I am back on my feet but unfortunately for me no tennis and no hiking for awhile.  That sucks, but I’d rather get better than push it and never be able to hike or play tennis again.

I think now it’s more critical than ever that I get my eating in check because if I can’t exercise like I want to, I can’t eat what I want to, lol.

Eh, what are you gonna do?  I’m super bumped out about the whole thing but I’ll figure it out.

In the meantime, a special shout out to the LAFD fire station #34 for making a very embarrassing one that I could laugh through the pain at.  Thanks to my neighbors Rochelle and Teresa for locking up my house, and I swear if that video of me on that gurney shows up on YouTube it’s on, lol.  Thanks to Kaiser West Los Angeles, RN Danny, and Dr. Washington.

A special thank you to Shalana for going through the whole thing with me, especially the part where she had to help me urinate in a cup and held my locs for me every time I had to throw up because my body did not like the morphine drip.  Uh, yeah, you earned special friend points for that one. You’re a real trooper. Cash them in anytime.