Okay so, like with everything in life, something you have to tweak things.  What I mean is that the schedule I was on, I finally came to the conclusion, just wasn’t working anymore for me because I had changed my work schedule to the point where it became nearly impossible to hike as much as I used to. While I still play tennis pretty much daily, that became the only exercise I was getting and it wasn’t enough to make any significant changes in this body.  Driving to Runyon Canyon every morning just isn’t an option anymore now that I get up in the wee hours to join the Front Page team at KJLH Monday through Friday.  So I finally stepped back and made some major changes in my routine, something I don’t always like to do since I crave consistency.  And while I am still working out the kinks here and there, I think I’ve found something that works for me and still gives me what I need in terms of a challenge.  I’ve been maintaining for several months now and it’s crunch time.  The summer will be here shortly and if I don’t get it together, no bathing suit for me, lol.  Dropping ten pounds before July 1 is really my goal and it seems that I have been trying to drop ten pounds for far too long.  Something’s gotta give.

So getting up at 2:30 in the morning, or trying to, lol, presents significant challenges to me.  I am just not that young any more.  And once I am up, that’s it for the day until I get to go to sleep which is usually near 11 p.m. although I am trying to go bed closer to 9 p.m. during the week.  I went so far as to take the television out of my room to make that happen. And for those who know me, that’s a big deal because living along, the television is constantly on in my house.  At night I leave it on all night.  It’s just something about it being on that brings me comfort.  But comfort isn’t what I need these days, it’s sleep.  If you see me in the streets and I don’t exactly look awake, that’s why, lol.  But more importantly, not getting enough sleep I really is contributing to lack of progress in the weight loss department as well.

So the first part of my Weight Loss Diary this week is a video I put together showing exactly what is I do all before the ripe hour of 6 a.m.  Part two, is my new daily workout which I do after I leave the station at 6:30 a.m.

Shout outs to the Front Page family, Dominique, Avi, and Talib.  Big ups to my boy Derek for sucking it up after getting his ass kicked in dominoes and shooting this video for me.  Love ya!