• Height: 5′6″
  • Original Weight: 250 something
  • Plateau: 165 lbs.
  • Lowest Weight on Record: 160 lbs.
  • Weight Gained Back: 15 lbs.
  • Current Weight: I Don’t Know I Won’t Get on Scale…
  • Current Size: 12 (a tight 12, lol)
  • Goal Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Goal Size: 8 or 10 (comfortably)

Okay folks, I take back that earlier post regarding the restroom, lol. Uh yeah, I get it now. Still no accidents, lol, but I definitely have been running to get there in time and have been burning a lot of incense. Yikes!

The verdict is still out on Alli with me. I am going to wait until July before I give it the thumbs up or down. You know, give it a chance to see whether it really works.

In the meantime, I have been successfully getting my ass up day in and day out and doing three miles before tennis practice and I’ve got to say, I think it’s working. Yeah, it surprised the shit out of me too, but I guess if you do something frequently enough it starts to pay off.

I added the walking in for a couple of reasons, the most important being that I can’t always make it to Runyon Canyon during the week before class and get back to my desk in time to have a productive day. And since the track is next door to my tennis courts it only makes sense and as long as I have an iPod, it’s all good.

On the eating, well it is what it is. What can I say? I slipped once last week and went to see Chef Marilyn. I just had a craving for a chicken hot link, which turned into sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese. To make up for it I did twice the amount of exercise I would normally do that day. What can I say?

I’ve taken to playing tennis in the evenings now that I met up with some guys at the court who I can play with. Finally! It’s so hard to find people in the neighborhood who want to play tennis and can play tennis, lol. My coach says the only way I’ll get better is by playing people who are better than I him. And you know, he’s right.

I stopped weighing myself every morning. That shit was driving me crazy and making me a lunatic. My scale is kind of like Snow White’s mirror, lol.

My challenge this week is going to be doing some damn sit ups and starting to jog. I don’t want to do neither. I really don’t, but I think that’s the only thing that’s going to put this kangaroo pouch in it’s place. And that’s the area that I am the MOST concerned about. I am setting a goal of 50 sit ups in the morning and 50 at night for this first week to see how it goes. In terms of my jogging, every other go around the track I have to jog. So jog one, walk one. At least to begin with. That’s going to be a big one for me. But it’s a start. What can I say?

All I know is that I hope that these new additions to my workout help me get this old body of mine to where I want it. I know my eating has just as much to do with it and I am working on it, trust me I am.

Just yesterday, I got super pissed off at someone and started to grab my keys and head to McDonald’s but I didn’t. I can’t say that drinking coffee instead to kill the craving was a better choice but it did keep me from going to McDonald’s.

I crave fast food even more when I am mad or sad. I guess that’s where the “comfort” kicks in.

I think every time I crave fast food, I’ll Twitter it. That way, I can have a record of when I got the cravings. Plus, my folks on Twitter won’t let me go out like that so I am sure when they see that I’ll get the messages I need to be strong and hold on, lol. For all of you out their on your weight loss kick, you might consider using Twitter too when you’re weak so that your friends and family can help you out. Now see, that’s a tweet I don’t mind. I don’t want to know when you wake up in the morning and that you just took a shit or that the person driving in front of you is as stupid as you are for tweeting while driving—but I’m cool with you tweeting about needing support to stay away from the fast food, lol.

Random thought…

I came to the conclusion this week that I might be changing my position on liposuction. I know, I know, lol. It’s weird. I was listening to the radio and a commercial came on about noninvasive liposuction for under $2,000. I looked down at my pouch and said, hmmm. One trip to the doctor at lunchtime and this could all go away, lol. The only thing is I don’t have two grand to just spend on liposuction right now…but I did consider it. When I went hiking Sunday with my friend, no make that my surgical-resident-who-just-graduated-from-medical-school friend Natalia, she made it very clear that if I did that I would be cheating. Thanks Natalia. No worries there, like I said, I’m not shelling out a couple grand on lipo at this time in my life, lol. What I do promise is that if I ever do it, I won’t tell a soul, lol and I’ll stop at liposuction on my belly. I won’t go in looking like Jasmyne and come out looking like Lil Kim or MJ. Promise, lol.

And with that folks, it’s June 1st and I have exactly one month before Independence Day Weekend to get it all together.

And I’m off…

What’s in my iPod…

What I’m working out to…