Weight Loss Diary: Week One on Alli


  • Height: 5’6″
  • Original Weight: 250 something
  • Plateau: 165 lbs.
  • Lowest Weight on Record: 160 lbs.
  • Weight Gained Back: 15 lbs.
  • Current Weight: 176.2 lbs.
  • Current Size: 12 (a tight 12, lol)
  • Goal Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Goal Size: 8 or 10 (comfortably)

Okay, so I completed my first full week on Alli and I have to say, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I have yet to run to the bathroom or have an accident on myself. I’m just saying…

And to top it off…drumroll puhlease—I started the week off at 181 and managed to get down to 176.2. Now that’s what I am talking about. Look out 160, I’m coming back for ya!

I don’t know if it’s the Alli or me, but either way, I’ll take it.

I decided to give Alli a try because I need help and unfortunately Dr. Ian isn’t waiting for me at the drive thru window or the All-You-Can-Eat Everything But Salad Bar to keep me on track, lol. I have no idea if it will even work for me, but I am willing to give it a try.

I did eat sensibly, only going crazy on Friday night. Don’t ask me why but another craving crept up on me. To compensate, I took my ass hiking this morning and will still get up and go on Sunday. And yes—I am still on the tennis court daily. I want to play in this Memorial Day Weekend tournament.

Now I did get really weak this afternoon and almost—I said almost headed to someone’s drive thru. But I caught myself. I just thought about my progress this week and throwing it all away on some French Fries. Okay—some French Fries, a strawberry shake, and a turkey burger. That didn’t work so well so I ended up drinking coffee which kills my appetite instantaneously, lol.

I am super pissed that I gained 15 pounds back—but I am not embarrassed about it in the least. It’s a part of life, or at least my life. The trick is not to accept defeat. I’m like Jay-Z, I will not lose. Besides, I got too many haters to be sitting around hating on myself. And while I know for a fact that some of them are gloating over my 15 pound weight gain, watch the fuck out because it’s a temporary set back. I’ll be in that bikini this summer no doubt. Check for me. Oh—and hate on me some more. That’s exactly the motivation I need. It works better than Alli, an empty refrigerator, and coffee put together.

Alright so here’s to the coming week…let’s see if we can get even lower—or at least not go higher, lol.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • vonterro

    Jazzy, i been reading your blogg for about a year now. Love you. With regard to Alli. I am also taking it. It does make a slight difference. YOu will see about an extra 5 lbs you would normally not see. So your 160 might turn into 155. Anyway keep up the good work, dont get discuraged by the gains, it happens. Just work on getting it down and enjoy it.

  • Good luck,

    Just stock lots of veggies and bake a mix of yukon gold, red and sweet potatoes when you want fries. And maybe add an additional hour of exercise or see a trainer to boost your calories burned/at rest amount.

  • Wonderlove

    I’m rooting for ya, Jasmyne! You can do it!!!!

    p.s. If Ian is at the drive thru, give him my number. Thanks! LOL

  • girl, the road is rough! i went from 194 to 152…6 away froml my goal of 144 and went back up to 161! either way i’m doing a bootleg version of weight watchers (counting the points using some website) and i am planning to lose a pound a week to get me back down…one step at a time i guess.

    don’t really know about alli but i know that using psyllium husk (fibre) is great! flushes me out naturally

  • Theresa Wilkes

    Okay… Jazz… aside from Alli… what are you eating? I’m eager to get started after the baby…

  • Peace_Wisdom_Earth

    chia seeds

    try them. they work miracles for weight loss.

  • Nice to know that Alli work for ya.. But just to let you know that in medical journal show that Alli doesn’t work in the long run.

    I hope you succeed in achieving that 160 pound you want, I know you can do it, just don’t give up 🙂

    Cheers… Martin…

  • sue burrell

    Just started taking Alli. I have recently been on zopladex injections, which put weight on, actually one stone in 5 months, and then had a hysterectomy and placed on hrt, add another half a stone. This is disheartening after losing 6 stone by myself using the weightwatchers diet. However, I’ve turned to Alli as a kick up the backside. With the HRT my blood pressure has gone up and with familial heart disease etc I looked at changing my lifestyle. That is how Alli works for me. I have become more educated about fat content and calorie content. The thing with weightwatchers you can use your points for what you want, e.g. a meal or a mars bar.
    Alli doesn’t give you that lee way and therefore you have the consequence of side effects. Alli has made me eat 3 meals a day with low fat content and a low fat snack.
    Lets face it the skinny people out there eat a low fat diet, or just have a super fast metabolism.
    I think everyone that thinks they eat low fat should take a week out of their lives and write down the fat content and calories of everything they eat, it is a real wake up call.

    Unfortunately, telling my husband that a portion of his favourite profiteroles contained 60g on fat didn’t go down well!!!!!Become somewhat of a fat content bore at home. Good luck to all those out there changing their lifestyles, it’s not easy but you can do it.

  • Good Luck! I hope you’ll find the strength to succeed!!


  • Good luck to all of you guys trying to lose the weight… just remember diet and exercise go hand in hand

  • Nice to know that Alli work for ya.. But just to let you know that in medical journal show that Alli doesn’t work in the long run.

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