When I left for the Motherland, I thought I was for sure going to get a boost in the pounds I was dropping, but that didn’t quite happen.  Actually, I came back 3 pounds heavier than when I left, lol.  But I quickly dropped it and now I am back to where I was when I left, 190 pounds.

Why?  Because I spent the entire time eating meat, potatoes, and drinking Fanta Orange Soda.  Hey, what can I say?  I was too scared to eat the salad because I couldn’t be sure if it was really clean and I didn’t want to take any chances and get sick so I stuck to the meat that was the freshest I’ve ever had in my life and the wonderful chips that we call French fries here in America.  As for the Fanta, well is Coke is America’s drink, Fanta Orange is Sierra Leone’s.

I had a couple of close calls while I was there.  When we visited Isaiah’s village Njala Kendema, following tribal tradition, they prepared a feast in his honor consisting of goat and rice.  Now, I don’t eat goat and when they sat the plate down in front of us it was all I could do to keep a straight face because the smell of it was killing me alone.  But I did enjoy the rice which is what Sierra Leone is known for, well that and their diamonds, but I will be getting into all of that next week beginning Monday.

But back to the goat, Isaiah grubbed on it and I ate the rice and called it a meal.


Another problem was that I was extremely nervous about being on a plane for so many hours, so from Los Angeles to Houston to London to Lungi, I ate and ate.  The same is true for the ride back.  I remember thinking to myself, what is America talking about, they feed you on planes, and if you ask me, too much, lol.

My ankles and feet swelled up something horrible both coming and going, but that only lasted three days after I got off the plane.  I sweated so much out there that it helped clear up my skin a little bit.

One thing I will share is that the Mango’s in Sierra Leone, well let’s just say I never saw or had Mango’s so large and sweet.  Mmmmm good.

The top I am wearing in the photo above is one of several outfits that I brought back.  You know over there you buy your fabric and the tailor measures you, you pick out the pattern that you like and wahla! Your clothes are prepared right there.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Originally, I had said that I would write about my trip this week, but I decided to wait until next week.  I’m still processing everything I saw over there and dealing with it and to be fair to myself I want to take the time to put it all into perspective before I start writing about it so look for my first post on the trip on Monday morning.

Have a great weekend!