Okay, so I made through my 20th week and I need to drop 7 more pounds to reach my goal.  And wouldn’t you know, it’s been hell to do so.

I managed to drop one measly pound each week over the past two bringing me to 177 pounds.  My goal is to have dropped the 7 pounds by September 1.  But the more I think about it, I might not make that date.  But I will give it the old college try, lol.

I haven’t been to the gym in ages, I know bad Jasmyne, but at the same time I haven’t gained any weight either.  I do plan to go back to the gym regularly, I’m just not sure when.  For now I am sticking to my hiking and walking. 

Sunday, I strolled around Leimert Park and then Larchmont.  I walked and I walked and I walked.  And why not?  It was hot enough, lol.  The picture above is me in front of Leimert Park’s water fountain.  I am sure my Angelino’s recognize it.

Let’s see what else can I tell you…

I had a moment of weakness.  I ate McDonald’s.  Yes I did and I can own up to it.  I had a few fries and two of those small cheeseburgers.  And let me tell you, I was in HEAVEN, even though I know better.  I was really stressed out this week and caved into the pressure.  I felt so guilty after I ate it.  The next morning I hoped on the scale and I hadn’t gained anything so I felt a little better about it.  But to make up for it, I took an extra long walk.

I know deep down inside that one trip to McDonald’s isn’t going to bring back the 59 pounds I’ve lost, but…I do know that it can trigger those cravings more often and the shit just isn’t good for you.  It smells good in your car on your way back home and makes you feel good while you’re eating it, but that’s about it.  I won’t let it happen again, lol.

But more serious than craving McDonald’s is this insane daily craving I have for guacamole.  I’m for real.  I grew up hating avocados and anything made with avocados.  In fact, avocados were number two only to liver, which I can’t stand.  Ugh!  But over the past month, I have grown quite fond of avocados, both by themselves and in guacamole.  I have been living at Sky’s Tacos on Pico in Los Angeles.  Homemade guacamole and tortilla chips, my mouth is starting water now.  I guess there’s something going on with my taste buds as this is just one new change in a long line of many.  I have almost lost my taste all together for my nonfat-sugar-free-vanilla-140 degree latte from Starbucks and find myself down to one tall cup a day.  Yeah I know.  My girls at Starbucks are like, what’s up with Jasmyne, lol.  Now if I could only lose my taste for my Newport’s, I’d be all good.  But don’t worry, that’s next on my list after I conquer the weight loss goal.  The cigs have got to go!

Right now I am still a 14 and on track to getting into 12s before the end of the summer. Yeah baby.  Still looking forward to my 30th birthday October 22 and being at or below my goal weight and size.  I have already decided that for Halloween, I am going to be the naughty police officer complete with handcuffs, lol at our annual shindig here in Los Angeles.  I scooped out the outfit already.  Watch out now!

I took some time this week to read Star Jones-Reynold’s piece on her “medical intervention” aka gastric bypass surgery in Glamour Magazine.  Reading her story, I realized there were quite a few parallels to my own personal story that I found in hers.  However, as I said before, I would have just come clean from the get go about having the surgery. If you can get a copy, I would highly suggest that you check it out.

Oh, I had a funny moment two weeks ago.  When my friend came to visit me I ended up having to deal with being bloated for a week.  Well, I wasn’t considering my friend when I weighed myself one morning and the scale tipped in at 183 pounds.  I almost had a heart attack and started calling on Jesus asking what am I doing wrong?  How did I gain four pounds overnight?  When common sense kicked in and cooler heads prevailed, I carried my ass over to Walgreen’s and picked up some medicine to deal with my friend.  Needless to say, a couple of mornings later I was back to my normal weight.  But for a minute there, I almost threw my scale out the window!

Well that’s it for now on the weight loss front.  I know I skipped checking in last week, but I didn’t have much to report.  But as an FYI, if I skip posting my weight loss diary, you can rest assured that I update my chart in the right hand column every week.  Like I said, for better or for worse, I will let you know what I weigh each week until I hit my goal.  Have a great week!