That’s better now…

Okay, so I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve checked in regarding my weight loss journey and well, let’s just say a lot has happened.

So I now realize that while I thought it was hard to take the weight off, it’s even hard to keep it off.

I think I got a little too comfortable with myself. At my lowest, I made it down to 161 pounds. Not bad if I do say so myself.

However, in the last month, I slacked off a bit on doing the things that helped me to get to 161 pounds, lol and now I am at 169 pounds. Just one pound shy from my original goal of 170 pounds and nowhere near my goal of 150 pounds for Dinah Shore Weekend, which by the way kicks off in a week.

I am so frustrated with my lack of willpower these days. I used to never eat after 7 p.m. and I recently found myself battling those old midnight cravings. I swear to God, one night I found myself in a McDonald’s drive-thru at 1 a.m. ordering a strawberry sundae and French fries!

I am not sure what triggered this recent setback. I mean I know that all of the statistics prove that people who lose the weight almost always gain it back. I don’t want to be that type of statistic. I worked too damn hard to take this weight off to put it back on, ya feel me?

But it’s still worth figuring out exactly why I feel the need to eat in the wee hours of the morning when I should be asleep.

To make things worse. I went to Palm Springs a few weeks back with some friends and why did we end up eating at the Morongo Indian Casino’s buffet? Awwww, the pressure!

Then on Easter Sunday, I did the family thing and attended Easter Brunch…at ANOTHER FREAKIN BUFFET! Let’s just say that Easter Sunday evening I was dragging my ass up Runyan Canyon intent on burning off some of those hash browns and waffles!

And for the record: I did not go ballistic at the either of the two buffets, I just don’t like being around all of that food because there’s a lot of pressure there and the food is almost always extravagant.

What’s really bothering me right now, more than anything is this basketball I have growing in the front of my body. I swear it came out of nowhere! I mean every last pound I gained went straight, I mean directly, as in do not pass go and do not collect $200, to my tummy. And unless I can manage to bring this sucker down before Dinah Shore, I am not so sure I want to wear my two piece after all.

I mentioned that to my friend Kristi last night and she said, “But you said that you were going wear it no matter what.”

Guess what Kristi? I lied, lol. I cannot bring myself to do it. I’ll fuck around and stay in my room the whole damn weekend if I feel like I look pregnant. I have no shame, lol.

So here I am this week vowing to go hiking everyday after work, and so far I have. In fact, I like hiking better in the evening when the whether is hot and the sun is setting. It’s very relaxing. Another plus, I mean a big plus, THERE’S PARKING. For those of us that hike at Runyan, finding decent parking is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I went shopping at Fresh and Easy and I have been making my lunch every day for work. Last night when I got home from hiking I broiled a piece of stuffed Salmon. I think it was like my third time cooking in the year that I’ve been living in my new place, lol. I have yet to light the pilot on the oven though. I guess that’s next.

My gym bag is in the trunk of my car. The only thing is, I forgot two very important things. My jacket, which I like to wrap around my waist to hide my ass and my OFF!,to repel the mosquito’s. Oh well, I’ll have to go without today.

I am hoping that if I hike everyday this week and eat sensibly, including staying out of the kitchen after 7 p.m., I will be able to shed a couple of these pounds before next weekend. We’ll see.

Beyond Dinah Shore, there’s the summer and for me that means bbq’s, pool parties, and the like, so I have real incentive to bring it back down. Plus, I am headed back to Africa in May with Isaiah Washington and I want to be in the best health possible for that trip.

Nevertheless, the battle is now just beginning. I thought the battle was already fought when I lost the weight, but I guess not. I know one thing, I refuse, and I mean refuse to gain back that weight.

I have an added incentive though to keep it off, I donated all of my clothes sizes 14-22. If I gain weight, I’ll have nothing to wear and times is hard so a sista is not trying to replace an entire wardrobe. Holla!