This picture was taken at the WEHO Dyke March a couple of weeks ago during my rally speech…

Your girl has dropped fifty pounds so far and I’m still going.

I have 16 pounds to get to my original goal of 170 by Saturday, July 7 for the big At the Beach Los Angeles Black Pride Beach Party up in Malibu.  I seriously doubt I am going to shed 16 pounds in 14 days and if I did, ya’ll better get me to a hospital quick, lol.

But seriously, I have come to terms with not reaching my July 7th goal, but don’t think that’s going to stop me from continuing on until I  hit 170.  I have come too far to let anything stand in the way of my progress.  I will probably reach 170 by mid to late July and when I do, can someone say PARTY at my house!

I added an extra day of hiking to my routine.  I am going up on Thursday evenings now after work for that added extra push in the middle of the week.  My legs and tummy need it.

I’m writing this on a Sunday after already having completed my hike for today.  More and more women, in particular Black lesbians have been joining me on the hike and that’s a beautiful thing.  Glad to be able to bring more people into the fold.

Well, I’m tired and there’s lots to do before the day is over.

I hope you had a great weekend.

"Peace and Fat-Free Chicken Grease"