Anyway you look at it, it sucks to wake up and go outside and find out that your ride has been broken into.

On my way up to the entrance of Runyan Canyon in Hollywood, I passed by a truck that had been broken into the night before, it’s owner still unaware of the intrusion.

Now while I am not in the habit of taking pictures of cars that have been broke into, I am in the habit of preaching common sense.

I remember last week before I left for D.C., there was a report on the news from the Los Angeles Police Department that said car break-ins were on the rise in Los Angeles County…and not just south of the 10 freeway.

Driver’s were warned to not leave things in plain view in their cars—including on the front seat and the backseat.

Well, I guess this driver missed that memo.

Look—if someone wants to break into you car don’t give them a helping hand by leaving your crap all over the backseat and the front seat.

I’m just saying…