Out R&B singer Donnie (The Colored Section, The Daily News) is calling on the community for help this week.  In a recent blog post, Donnie writes about not having sold enough album’s to get everyone’s attention and needing the help of his fans to take The Daily News to the next

Starting this week his music video for If I Were
will be eligible for voting on the countdown for
The Click List on MTV Logo! The show airs Friday’s at midnight EST and is
rebroadcast throughout the whole week. (Check your cable guide for

Donnie needs his fans and supporters to take a second and
vote for his music video by
clicking here.

You can vote as
many times as you’d like
and it’s as easy as selecting the button next to his video
(6th from the top on the left hand column) and clicking the "submit" button at
the bottom of the page.

You do not have to enter the Name, Email
Address, Age, etc. Again, Just select "If I Were You" as your video of choice
and then click on the "submit" button and you’re done! All votes  must be submitted Friday before noon.

Normally, I wouldn’t write an entire blog post on something like this, but for this brotha I would.  Donnie has been a favorite artist of mine since he emerged on the scene with The Colored Section on Motown.  His latest offering The Daily News, is so on point it’s ridiculous.  Add to that the fact that Donnie took his message to the streets by coming out publicly this year.  With so few out Black singers, Donnie is speaking truth to power and deserves our support.

If you haven’t bought the new album, go and buy it.  And then go and buy his first album too, if you don’t already own it.  We have to show that we support artists who bring a message to the table rather than their bling bling and b—hes and h–s.

Please join me in spreading the word about Donnie and voting for his video.





Oct 5 2007     9:00P   Black Cat     Washington DC
Oct 7 2007     9:00P   Highline Ballroom     New York, New York


Circuit City, FYE (Wherehouse, Coconuts, Spec’s, and
Strawberries), Best Buy, Virgin Megastore, Walmart, K-Mart, Amazon.com, iTunes, and Dustygroove.com


National Public Radio’s News&Notes (Great Interview)
About.com w/Mark Edward Nero
About.com w/Emmerald
Pop Matters
KCRW’s Chocolate City
Rod 2.0
Kenyan Farrow


(3.5 stars out of 4 stars) On his second
CD, this neo-soulster cotinues to evoke the spirit of cousin Marvin
Gaye with insightful political and social commentary.

— People Magazine

(3.5 stars out of 4 stars)
Four years ago, Donnie’s The Colored Section was the most provocative
soul-fueled social commentary since the days when Curtis Mayfield,
Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway routinely offered biting
analyses of current events. These days, the real daily news continues
to give him plenty to talk about, which he does with wit and insight.
It’s nice to be reminded that there is more to R&B than preening
and pickup lines.

— USA Today

 Soul music with substance.

— Billboard

The Daily News is the most important pop album of any stripe for 2007.

— Urban Network

Donnie’s knack for fusing liberation theory with lyric and melody is second to none.

— Upscale

an album meant to push Donnie beyond the throwback-soul brigade, that
crowd of new-wave/old-wave R&B singers who replicate the singing
and production styles of folks like Donny Hathaway (to whom Donnie
sounds eerily similar, in voice and songwriting perspective), Stevie,
Curtis and Marvin..

— L.A. Weekly Magazine

Listening to Donnie is listening to genius.

— Soultracks.com

(4.5 stars out of 5 stars) Despite the lack of flag waving and ass kicking, this is as American — and progressive — as modern music gets.

— All Music Guide

makes a triumphant return with "The Daily News, ” an album full of the
socially conscious writing and rich vocals for which Donnie is known.

— Planetsoul.com

A set that’s arguably even better than his neo-classic Colored Section album.

— Dustygroove.com

I firmly believe God sits on a beach chair at the tip of your tongue.
In your brain, He sat Ralph Ellison and Zora Neale Hurston on a hammock
holding hands. In your heart, He placed the strength of the ocean water
with the serenity of a sunset nursed into it. My hope is that I am
lucky enough to take my very last breath on earth with your music in my
ear. I mean that sincerely. ‘Colored Section’ and ‘Daily News’ have
that much effect on my happiness.

— DJ Bobbito Garcia