I like Keyshia Cole.  I like her a lot.  In fact, her joint “Last Night” with P. Diddy is in rotation in my car’s CD player.  But now, I might have to rethink that.

It seems that Keyshia is planning on going on tour with R. “I’m A Flirt” Kelly.

When will the madness stop?

And it’s funny too because on my way home from the best concert I’ve seen all year, Macy Gray, Zap Mama, and Brazillian Girls, we pull up on the side of a car with a Black woman bumping for the world to hear R. Kelly and all I could do was shake my head.

Then I come home and jump online to find that despite the 14 counts of child pornography facing R. Kelly, he’s still planning to go on tour.  Did I mention his trial start in September?  Does R. Kelly know something that we don’t know? 

"I love R. Kelly," Keyshia Cole said. "He’s surpassed so much. I think people love someone that can go through things and overcome things. [A tour together] should be hot."

So it doesn’t matter that the man you’re going to go on tour with has a fetish and appetite for younger, much younger, in fact too damn young girls, you just want to go on tour.

And what if he’s found guilty, then what?

That’s one concert I won’t be buying tickets for and will stand outside of the venue  myself an protest if it comes to Los Angeles.  Bet.

Just another case of strange behavior from Black folk in the saga that is R. Kelly.

We could do better but we won’t.