Well, it’s finally that time.  Time for me to find out where I come from. 

Now it’s no secret that we’re all from Africa, but I want to know where specifically in Africa my people come from.

Last year I traveled with Isaiah Washington to Sierra Leone after he had his DNA tested through African Ancestry at the Pan African Film and Arts Festival.  And like Isaiah, I am going to have my DNA tested during the film festival this year with Isaiah, my festival family, and the President of African Ancestry, Gina Paige, by my side. 

The photos above and below were taken yesterday while we were shooting the commercial for the film festival.  Isaiah is the Celebrity Host this year so he was featured in the ad.  He also brought me my African Ancestry kit (thanks Isaiah).

I am soooo excited.  I waited specifically for the Pan African Film and Arts Festival to roll around to do it.  I mean, where else would I do it?  The festival is my second family.

I plan on capturing the whole event on video and posting it on my blog.  When the results come back, we’re going to have a little celebration and I’ll post that video as well and then I will make my arrangements to go home to my native land.  The land of my people before we were taken and brought over here to serve as slaves.

So if any of you are planning to attend the festival this year and you want to test your African DNA, let me know.  You can get your kit and we can all do it together in February!  Visit to get your today.  They will also be for sale during the film festival.


How It Works

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) are chromosomes that are inherited exclusively from the mother. This DNA provides a solid record of your maternal descent. You have the same mtDNA as your mother, her mother, her mother, etc. for hundreds of generations.

The MatriClanTM Test analyzes a portion of the genetic sequence of your mitochondrial DNA.

African Ancestry scientists determine whether the ancestry of that single lineage is African, European, or something else.

If the ancestry is African, they compare your genetic sequence against an exclusive database of African mtDNA sequences.

If your sequence matches a lineage in the African Lineage Database, they can determine where in Africa your ancestry is found today.

If the ancestry is not African, scientists will determine where it is found in the world.  African Ancestry will provide the haplogroup to which your lineage belongs and tell you the continent in which it is found.