White Female Found in 5 Days…167 Days Later Still No News in Disappearance of Black Female


Apparently, it seems that in order to get the FBI involved in a missing person’s case you need to be the following: white, female, and from a privileged background.  Something that 24-year-old Mitrice Richardson isn’t.

When 17-year-old Chelsea King went missing in Poway, California, after she went for a run after school on Thursday and never returned home, she became the subject of an extensive search that not only included local police authorities but the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well.  Soon after the manhunt began, her car was found at the Rancho Bernardo Glassman Community Park with her cell phone, iPod and school clothes found inside.  It was then that DNA on a piece of her clothing found along the southern shore of the lake which led to John Albert Gardner III, a registered sex offender, being arrested.  Search crews looking in the area near where that article of clothing was found, discovered a body Tuesday in a shallow grave in a tributary about 10 feet from the edge of the water.  All of this in the span of five days.

Mitrice Richardson, a Black lesbian, who will be 25-years-old on April 30, has been missing for now 167 days after last being seen alive in Malibu after being arrested for not paying an $89 dinner bill at Geoffrey’s restaurant.  She was released from custody at 12:30 a.m. on September 17, 2009 without her car from the sheriff’s Malibu-Lost Hills Station and hasn’t been seen since.

Despite pleas from her family for the FBI to get involved, to date they have not.

Even with numerous pleas to their local Congressional representative Maxine Waters to step in demand–not politely ask— the FBI to get involved, she has not. (6:25 a.m. I am adding this additional line because I received a call from the Congresswoman’s staff that kind of bothered me that perhaps the previous line insinuated that the Congresswoman has done nothing.  This is not true.  The Congresswoman did send a letter to the head of the FBI asking them to get involved.  The point I am trying to make is that the family reiterated to me that they have reached out to the Congresswoman to demand–not ask–theFBI to get involved and this is what has not happened according to them. I don’t want to give the impression that Congresswoman Waters had done nothing because that’s not true.  She’s the only congressional rep who did at least send a letter to the FBI to begin with.)

Attempts at working with the both the L.A.P.D. and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to locate Mitrice have gone stale.  Neither agency has had any contact with Michael Richardson, Mitrice’s father, in over a month.

But yet and still, when a white teenage female goes missing, no expense is spared in bringing in the appropriate law enforcement agencies to locate her.

What happened to Chelsea King is horrible and what the King family is going through is something that I don’t wish for any mother and father.  However, I’d be remised if I didn’t point out the fact that the treatment that her disappearance received in comparison to that of Mitrice Richardson clearly illustrates in black and white the difference in the value of a Black woman’s life verses a white woman.

If local law enforcement agencies with the help of the FBI could locate Chelsea King within a week of her disappearance, imagine what they might have accomplished had they put forth the same effort when Mitrice first went missing—167 days ago.

Now that the King family has closure, as tragic and sad as that closure is, there needs to be a call made by Los Angeles Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the Los Angeles offices of the NAACP, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Urban League, every Black church, women’s group and on down the line for the FBI to get involved in the disappearance of Mitrice Richardson.  Now.

The Court of Public Opinion

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The Court of Public Opinion

  • amanda

    i agree that there is a disparity in how missing people of different races are treated – however, your example of chelsea king is comparing apples to oranges. chelsea was a minor, not a 25 year old adult. that in itself causes the disappearance to be treated differently. also, as much as perhaps it shouldn’t be, the lifestyle and habits of a missing person are taken into account when declaring someone “missing”. a 17 year old honor student who never misses school and always checks in with her parents will be assumed “missing” well before an adult of 25 with a colorful history will. i’m guessing the authorities assume adults who go missing could have just left on their own volition as opposed to a minor not coming home to her parents one night. i’m not saying it’s right, just that on some level it makes sense.

  • Mahala

    Amanda, the police knew very very well that Mitrice Richardson was in crisis and distressed from her behavior at the restaurant and after they took her to the police station–I believe the same Malibu station that has been said to give frazzled/inebriated locals a courtesy ride home. In this case, they didn’t even arrange for a disoriented young lady without a nearby home to get any assistance or transportation. She had no car and was all alone in an unfamiliar area without public transportation or money.
    As soon as they found out that the last time anyone saw her was leaving the station alone in the dark without her car or money in a state of confusion, they should be putting at least as many resources into searching the canyons as they do for a stranded hiker. Maybe they were not legallly required to contact her family before she left, because she was not a minor, but morally they should have encouraged her to contact someone to pick her up, or given her a ride.

  • Morena

    Mahala, were you there? You’re assuming a lot about Mitrice being distressed. Maybe she was runnin’ at the mouth and givin’ attitude to the police. Maybe they offered and she said, “I don’t need help from you.” While I think you’re assuming a lot about Mitrice, I also think that it is unfair that Mitrice is not being searched for as strongly as Chelsea. However, I think that while color plays a part, the fact is Chelsea is a minor and came from a very small community. Everyone in that community was helping out. The situation is different, and the FBI is involved because it is the US LAW that they must be involved if the person who is missing is a minor. Chelsea was a minor – not considered an adult. As Amanda stated Mitrice was a 25 year-old woman – an adult. The FBI wouldn’t get involved as strongly as they would with a minor, no matter the color.

    I hope that Mitrice’s family find closure. I hope that if there is foul play that those who wronged Mitrice are held accountable. However, in this particular situation, as a woman of color, myself, and as it is hitting my community – i would prefer to take the race card out of it. Both situations deserve their equal mourning. Both situations are not just.

  • Black, or women of color, are still very much considered second class citizens, unless they have money and possibly celebrity privilege (and even then there have been a few Black celebrities who have been refused admittance to highend stores because they were Black, and the store owner didn’t realize ‘who’ they were. I never even heard of Mitrice Richardson and I live here in L.A., and just saw the arrest and arraignment of Chelsea’s monster murderer on TV a few moments ago. I submit that it’s not a so called “colorful” past that makes law enforcements not care, but the “color” itself. Old bad attitudes are still here with us today. Lets be clear that racism and America’s insensitivity to racism and its hurtful effects on our Black Female experience did not just magically disappear. Why are we not outraged that this Black woman has not been found, or even reported on TV here in L.A?., grown woman or not. If she was famous, we would have possibly at least heard a report. Her loved ones are distraught, and the authorities owes them answers. 167 days is a long time for them not to hear anything from her. As I prayed for Chelsea to be found and I didn’t even know her, I pray for Mitrice. Violence against all women must end.

    And America’s insensitivity to the Black female experience needs to be addressed and enlightened.

  • All of your comments are pretty interested and I accept them well. However, as the Father of Mitrice, I’m quite surprised at some comments. As Mitrice is my daughter, I know her very well. A lot of family members can’t say that about their children. I know my daughter, what she into and with whom. This is why I’ve been very vocal and critical of Law Enforcement since she went missing. Everything Mitrice mother explained to the Sheriffs that night has unfolded 167 days later. For example, LAPD has Mitrice bank cards found in her car, with several thousand dollars in her account. As for as the just under an ounce of marijuana, Suppress of evidence, so much less than an ounce you couldn’t even roll a “J” using zig zags. Better yet, Mitrice behavior was so strange and uncommon I asked them to send it to the lab and have it analyze. Guess What? wasn’t enough to do this. The Captain of Lost Hills station just received a promotion right after admitting that he lied about having any video surveillance of Mitrice being at Lost Hills station. You see readers, Mitrice is very fortunate to have a father like me to have book smarts and unlike her a PH Degree in game and the streets. The difference between Chelsea and Mitrice, is Mitrice is one fine Negro woman. The most sought after and desired flesh on this earth. Mitrice case is different because they had no idea who they were messing with. They thought she was just another Negro woman who was not going to be missed. As you can see, They were wrong! The Sheriff’s don’t want to get deeply involve with MItrice because it’s very likely a sheriff has something to do with where she’s at. If you think that’s a lie, may I direct you to her website http://www.bringmitricehome.org where I have listed under the contacts tab many high ranking Sheriff officials who have raped, molested children and false imprisoned civilians while on duty. The biggest child molester on the FBI most wanted list was apprehended in Hong Kong after they learned he was Law Enforcement. This sick person post on his child pornography website the act of raping his own daughter. Which made his website the most reviewed site in child pornography letting us know their is more sick people out there. So ladies, why you saying colorful life, and may have been mouthing off, picture this testimony “he said to me, I am a 10 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, who do you think they’re going to believe, me or you? So I think it’s in your best interest to do things my way and keep your mouth shut.” Now that’s pretty colorful. In closing, you notice I use the word NEGRO. I’m quite fund of this word versus African American. You see, white people was happy to let us use that word because it took us away from our roots and the focus of what white people refer to us as. In my opinion, using Negro remind’s me of what they still think of us as even in 2010. I’m not mad at white people, I’m mad at Black People because we don’t stand for anything these days, and we fall for everything. You see Los Angeles, County isn’t broke, they just have too many Lawsuits because of misconduct in Law Enforcement. Respectfully yours, Proud father of Ms. Mitrice L Richardson, BA 4.0 GPA in Psychology. http://www.bringmitricehome.org.

  • mz dee

    Morena, u gettin so hype with mahala but no one of us was there to witness what went down with mitrice at the station. All we know is what the cops told of us. One thing we do know is what people who encountered her said. Staff from geofreys resturant said that before mitrice came into the resturant she was rummaging through one of the staff member cd stash in their car. When she was in the resturant she m was speaking giberish and making outlandish statements. When they called 911 they stated they thought she might be have some mental or drug issues (something just wasn’t right with her). Even if she was running at the mouth at the jailer I’m sure this wouldn’t be the first time jailers have experienced that. People act a fool all the time in jail. The jailers were trained on how to deal with that and remain profession. One female jailer said her and mitrice talked about music. I doubt she was rude in there. Because I think someone would have come forward and said that. No one had anything bad to say about her behavior beside the possible mental issue. But this all doesn’t matter. The focus should be finding her sso that this family can have some peace.

  • Hi Jasmyne,

    First off I agree with your general premise; some cases do receive a quicker more expansive response from both LE and the press then others, and race plays a factor. But you have chosen the wrong cases to make your point.

    The reason you know about these two cases is because both have gotten extensive coverage in the local and national press.The simple proof of that is to do a Goggle search. Both young women have had hundreds if not thousands of articles written about them and FBI aside, LE has put forth major efforts into finding both women.

    In Chelsea’s case her shoe and panties were guickly located, which gave police a logical location to focus their efforts. Chelsea was found quickly not because she was white, but because of one simple fact; her body was buried close to where she was attacked.

    Mitrice went missing somewhere along Malibu Canyon Road. With the exception of one probable sighting on the morning of September 18th, she vanished without a trace. Despite two major search efforts she has as yet not been recovered.

    If you want to make your case you will have to do a lot more work then you have so far been willing to do. Here are a few suggestions:

    Chioma Gray, 15, missing Dec 13, 2007- Ventura, California.
    Gabriela Gonzalez, 14, missing Apr 5, 2002- San Diego, California
    Latoya Thomas, 24, missing Sept 30, 2000- Hayward, California

    If you really would like to do do a apples to apples case study then try the following:

    Cleashindra Hall, 18, missing May 9, 1994- Pine Bluff, Arkansas


  • jamie

    Do you ever get tired of making something a racial issue. As was said above these two cases are very different. No prejudice involved. I believe you should be focusing your anger on the police department, who released Mitrice and did not see that she made it safely to her home. They brought her to the police station so they should have made sure someone either picked her up or taken to her car. That is a travesty in itself. Police are ignorant and self rightious.They are supposed to serve and protect. But that is just not normally the case. Maybe it is time that you quit focusing on race. It seems to me you are the prejudice one. Clearly . Maybe you should start focusing your anger for other races on finding these poor missing girls. And maybe you might actually be more productive in doing something for good of these people….Black, yellow, white or red…

  • Connie Briggs

    Hi, I live in the area of Chelsea King and followed the story closely as I have Mitrice Richardson’s since it started. It was Chelsea’s father that found her car at the park…not the authorities. They located the suspect really quickly because he lived right near that park. It’s easy to find local predators in a database. Amber Dubois, a white female that lived a few miles away from Chelsea King has been missing for a year. The authorities think the same guy may have done this, because at the time of Amber’s disappearnce, he lived six miles away from her home. I think the fact that they found Chelsea’s killer so quickly is uncommon and had nothing to do with race. Morgan Harrington of Virginia was a student that went to a concert in Virginia, last August, a blue-eyed blond from a prominent family. Her killer hasn’t been caught. In other words, the fact that they got this guy so quickly is due to his circumstances of living nearby. He also attacked someone a few weeks before in the same park and she gave a description of him, which increased his chances of his being caught. There were so many volunteers that showed up to help search for Chelsea that the area was well covered… But, these were private citizens. They had to turn away 2,500 private citizens because so many people turned out to help search. I believe that it was a citizen that found her shoe and not the authorities.

    Also, I agree in the age difference. Chelsea was a kid. I think that prompted people to turn out in droves. It is a family community and we all look out for each others kids even when we are in public. I notice people, taking notice and getting involved.

  • Peter Henderson

    Hi Connie,

    You made several important points but you missed the general premise of this article which was to raise the question- does race play a factor in how LE and the press cover a story?

    It does; an that is why I posted that these were the wrong cases to make a comparison.

    You need to learn to go beyond the cases that make the news and look at the tens of thousands that don’t make the news. When you do you will find that race, gender, age, and social-economic status all play a part in how the missing person is covered- or even if they are written about at all.

    Trust me, I know dozens of parents from all over the US who would give their soul to the devil for one, one-hundredth of the coverage Chelsea and Mitrice have gotten.


  • Chan

    Regardless if race played apart or not with Mitrice Richardson, I am praying everyday for her return, because deep in my spirit I feel as though she is still alive. I would like to help Mr. Richardson with anything he needs in helping further his investigation on what happen to his daughter and where she could be if he needs any volunteers (creolestarr@gmail.com.) God bless both families.

  • cathy

    I agree the turn out for help locate Chelsea was because she was a minor. Not because she was white. I must say I also believe it was the timing of this incident that people took notice in this small community and said that could easily have been MY child. The weekend was close and many people volunteered their time to help cover so much ground.
    This is a disaster for us parents because each and every one of us believe our children could have been Chelsea. My daughter attended high school with this lovely young lady and the feeling in the school was very somber and difficult for all. This is the first time I have been on your site and believe you are incorrect about this particular incident. My daughter’s best friend is black skinned young lady and I might add as beautiful as can be and if anything happened to her the community would have done all they could just like they did for Chelsea.

  • Nadine

    I do believe that the police should have NEVER released Ms Richardson and she should have recieved medical care(psyc consult…poss 5150 hold…) no-one should be released to the streets with no money,phone, transportation…(BUT THEY ARE ALL THE TIME!!) especially w/a pot. alt .mental status….but to compare this case to the murdered and raped 17 yo in Poway(who is also someone’s beloved child) is just sad and wrong–pitting victims against one another……. We all agree that what has happened in Matrice’s case is horrendous and I understand the anger her family has and feel it is more than warranted.I am no fan of the police/sheriff –I believe totally that race played a big factor in what happened to Matrice and that the sheriff needed to call in experts(mental health experts)and didn’t. And Morena really you must be a cop talking about the potential of Matrice” running off @ the mouth and giving attitude to the police” I work w/police often in a health setting and that sds just like them–LOOK they are NOT health professionals they are not licensed with the education and training we have to properly evaluate these situations(most of them are only high school grads)but that utility belt with a gun makes so many of them so full of bravado and think they are infallable that they were Matrice’s doctor,judge and jury.This is just so typical–I run into that attitude frequently and they know not to go there with me b/c I will call their watch commander and will call their station Captain if they don’t leave that thuggish little attitude @ the door.Every officer involved in Matrice’s case needs to be canned– a strong message needs to go out to the polce /sheriff that the people that pay their salaries are very angry and unhappy with their dangerous shlocky work.I tell people I work with when they get angry about patients”mouthing off” How would you ant this person treated if they were your child??If only the sheriff had thought of that when dealing with Matrice. I pray for Matrice’s family that there is closure and a conclusion to all this and that this just dosen’t cont. with no definate concrete answer as to where their beloved child is.

  • Morena your first sentence oozes of racial stereotypes.The mention of the possibility that Mitrice was getting smart the cops havin a bad attitude.GTFOOH with that!You’ve only proved what everybody knows. there are racists out here and that’s part of the reason Mitrice has’nt been found.Get a clue and a life Morena and stop hating.

  • Shawna

    I think giving this story a racial view is HORRIBLE! Why must people insist on bringing up the race card! It’s not about that! I think it is horrible and appalling that anyone would say such a thing. Money does play a huge part and so does the connections of the family. I’m sorry that someone is missing and the proper search has not been executed. Everyone should get the same treatment. However, stating that it’s because she is black is ignorant and just plain racist. You don’t know all of the details or what the situation fully involved. Until you know ALL OF THE FACTS, you should avoid such racist accusations! When will this country stop making excuses because of race!

    I’m a black woman and you will NEVER see me make such remarks. Its about equality. Unfortunately, it’s people like you that keep the topic of race in the air. The topic should be MONEY. Money plays more of a role on these type of situation then race. It’s just ignorant!

  • Will

    Dear Citizens,

    I just want to raise your awareness about LAPD holding on to information about two serial killers in Los Angeles for twenty-seven years. It was only recently as of February 2009 that this information was released to the public about the killer’s crimes dating back to 1983. The Grim Sleeper Killer’s sketch was released in December of 2009 although it was created in 1988. I want you to know that if you look at the alleged crimes of the most recent Grim Sleeper Killer locations, that you will notice that there is a pattern of victims located at the first available unlocked alley from the south direction of the nearest Los Angeles Unified School (LAUSD). If you do not see a consistent pattern of distance and you were to look closely at the routes, you will find that there was no alley or the alley has a locked gate. This pattern is the same for the South Side Slayer. This is a problem, because this could mean that this man is the South Side Slayer and that is what he wants the public to know. If you drive the routes or paste the addresses into Google maps, you will see that most of the victims were discovered in the southward geographical direction of the nearest LAUSD School, with the exception of the ones Down Town, and the Chester Turner victims. The Golf course near the crime scene on 102nd Street surrounds a LAUSD Elementary School. The difference between the three bodies found on 89th Street, 94th Street, and 95th Street south of LaSalle Elementary School (LAUSD) is that the 89th Street alley is sometimes locked until you reach 94th Street. It could be possible that he did some work for the schools each time or picked them randomly. The same is for fourteen-year old Princess Berthomieux, who was found in the alley on 81st Street & Van Ness south of 74th Street School (LAUSD) at the first available alley. You will have to drive the routes to see this in more details. This man has spoken loudly and I do not think he wants to share the publicity with anyone. http://www.communitywalk.com/map/10147

    Almost ten years to the date of the Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman crime at 875 South Bundy Drive in Brentwood CA, which is also on the first block at the first alley south of Brentwood Science Magnet School (LAUSD), a similar incident happened July 6, 2003 in Bakersfield CA. If you look at the Vincent Brothers (Joanie Harper) case in Bakersfield, at 901 3rd street, you will see the same resemblance and the house located at the first alley south of McKinley Elementary School. Both locations are within five minutes of a VA hospital. Two latex gloves, a knife, and gun became the key issues in this case. That would make this tragedy the twenty-year anniversary and the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman tragedy the ten-year anniversary from 1983. This man or a co-conspirator could be a sex-offender living near the Bakersfield crime location and trying to make a statement. In addition, Jeff Nicholson a Barbara shop owner in Los Angeles was killed five hours earlier on the same day as the Harper family. Jeff was the manager and relative of a NFL football player and the suspects fit the same description of the three suspects seen in Bakersfield five hours later on the same day.

    What clues did the South Side Slayer leave for them to know he was the same man covering such a large area over such a long period? DNA was not available when this information showed up in the newspapers in the eighties. I suspect that he or the other man, if there is one, worked for LAUSD or a subcontractor because of the number of victims on or near a school campus and the other victims found in trash bags or trashcans. Both articles mention schools but not the same victims. You will also see on the link where they admit that he made one telephone call before the popular 911 call in 1987. We now know there were many anonymous calls. We also know that the orange or rust color car with the white stripe was seen with both serial killers. They divided the killers up because of the method in which he killed the victims, however; how can somebody explain his intentions of killing his victims and placing them south of the nearest LAUSD School. I did my research from this website; however, you will have to select the “All”, “Show description” and “Show address” options before scrolling through the list of names of the victims in order to see all the locations of the crimes. I wanted to bring this to your attention since the citizens of Los Angeles are often kept in the dark about important investigations like this. As you will see here, he did not take fourteen years off. http://www.communitywalk.com/map/10147

    Since the press release in the fall of 1985 a number of people, including an employer and co-workers, have come forward with the name of a known male sex-offender who confessed to being at the scene of the crimes committed by the South Side Slayer. He also confessed to owning and driving the orange GT Vega with a white stripe on the hood identified by witnesses and victims of both serial killers, however; it was mistakably identified as a Pinto. This man spoke openly and his spirit was very loud. LAPD will not discuss the outstanding crimes and cases of the South Side Slayer, DNA, fingerprints, evidence, anonymous calls, gloves, victims, witnesses, evidence such as notes left at the crime scenes, and suspects. There is a chance that the Grim Sleeper could be a fictitious person made to look as if the South Side Slayer and a man using a knife does not exist and is limited to killing only prostitutes in South Central LA. The incompetence of the entire investigation is a modern genocide, a weapon of mass destruction, domestic terrorism, and an injustice to the community. Satan and corruption has reared its ugly head. This man has seemingly been calling out for attention and has been denied attention by wrongfully prosecuting other men, pretending he took a fourteen-year break and there is a new serial killer called the Grim Sleeper with a gun on the loose. There is strong evidence that he has struck possibly operating with another man and woman. This has become more political and road blocked possibly for racial disparity and what could be for federal and state contracts of monetary gain.

    The witnesses and the sole surviving victim of the Grim Sleeper and surviving victims of the South Side Slayer have agreed that the information on the Grim Sleeper investigation is false and misleading to the public. They strongly believe that they are talking about the same man or individuals and there is evidence to prove it. Forcing individuals who have come forward to only speak to the agency in charge of the investigation is just a way of keeping control on what may have already been covered up. Do not assume that this person will only kill in his own community, woman of a certain status, minorities, and people of a particular race. A threat to somebody is a threat to everybody. In addition, do not blame faithful fathers, husbands, friends, citizens, innocent individuals, gang members, and the educated members of society for things you and others claim to understand because of their profile, criminal background, and history of spousal abuse. There is a strong suspicion of using open cases to finger future bad people as a means to an end. Every citizen should be able to live in a community of competent law enforcement professionals that are free of corruption, cover-ups, criminals, and serial killers regardless of what someone thinks their only targeted market to be. You now know more of the story and can make a more informed decision on how to correct this wrong. Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless America and I do mean all of America, South Central Los Angeles included.

    Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murderers http://www.blackcoalitionfightsback.org/

  • Shawna how do you know Mitrices family isn’t wealthy?They live in an upper class neighborhood and Mitrice has thousands in her bank account.Some of you people are blind to your own racism.If you took the time to look into the Mitrice case not just this one article you would have known that her family is far from poor.

  • Lil Romeo

    Well to all of you, I’m very close to the Richardson Family, and I agree with my brother Big Romeo, no race is not a factor, because all the people showed to my niece search on January 9th 2010 was all white. The media had no problem finding Mitrice Family. So no, race is not a factor. When I spoke to Mitrice Dad his response was “hell no I’m not hating on White’s, I’m hating on Blacks who are elected officials that did not show up to Mitrice Search. So now, when they want our votes, I have to begin reminding them of Mitrice case and how they went to sleep. So, you don’t need to be our next assemblyman, Board of Supervisor and and any corner activist out their talking about what you going to do for blacks. As for the Sheriffs, they advertise what they about, “A tradition of Service” that service is still happening, shooting niggas in the back, raping women and molesting children and getting away with it. Our Job from now on is “Greenlight the mother fuckers who are black in office and not doing a damn thing for our communties and the people in them. They need to begin stepping down or getting beat down.” I’m impressed, Mitrice dad has not went off on anyone yet because I know his pull in the community and how many people would do anything for him. I believe he’s really trying to keep his promise by not associating any negativity with Mitrice so some of the same people on this blog can say, oh yea see that’s all “black people know how to do.” Most of Mr. Richardson’s friends do not speak proper and conduct themselves in such an acceptable manner as Mr. Richardson. Most of his friends have said, we are not down with meeting with politicians and shit like that, but when you ready to turn this mother fucking shit upside down let us know because that’s what we do. Most of us, me included would have taking this type of advice and done something stupid. I’m so proud that he is setting an example of how to do things because many of you say it’s not a black or white thing, but had he done something stupid you would have been quick to point that out. Support is what both families need, as well as encouragement, because Mr. Richardson is my Big Brother who I have looked up to for years and he has always showed me the rightous way of doing things. I love you bro! Visit my niece website, http://www.bringmitricehome.org support her. black, white, red, yellow and any other color you may be.

  • damn.

    So what about her race…just find her. That is what is most important , im tired of hearing about COLOR. Damn if we keep on about this we won’t find her! Im tired of comparing cases and guess what IM BLACK! So no a white person is not writing this…..ANNOYING!

  • damn.

    So what about her race…just find her. That is what is most important , im tired of hearing about COLOR. Damn if we keep on about this we won’t find her! Im tired of comparing cases and guess what IM BLACK! So no a white person is not writing this…..ANNOYING!

  • damn.

    And im so tired of hearing what we use to be back in the day and how the white man treated us….i see them talk about that more than finding mitrice

  • damn.

    and regardless of race people treat you like shit in general. I had a young lady catch an attitude with me over a damn bigmac ( i asked for no cheese). She was black. We need honest people working on this case not a black man. HONEST MEN. HONEST WOMEN.

  • Terri

    Well damn I agree with you! But how the freak you expect them to do that with out support and the politics the family has endured? I know mitrice dad has taken on a new view. I heard him speak last nite and he has personally said he has no problem with white people and how fast they found Chelsea. I agree with him, his problem is with his own people and quoting somthing jassmyn once wrote, step up or shut the fuck up! He said Jassmyn got hit hard for that article but I have to say that’s some real shit. That’s all we do as black people talk shit but ain’t going to do nothing when it’s time to role. I know what I have to endure so instead of belly aching going to find my daughter. Lastly he states I welcome anyone who has assist me with trying to find my daughter but race is not a factor. It has been white people financially assisting my family, it has been a white editor out of Malibu who has written about Mitrice since she went missing. So Jassmyn, take the black/white shit out of it. But I challange your articles to call out Jesse Jackson, NAACP, and SCLC people lille that who we haven’t seen or heard from.

  • OhHellNo

    This article is really disgusting. Using the case where they found the white girl DEAD in NO WAY demonstrates that she was given preferential treatment. Your entire article is disgusting and grasping at straws.

  • damn.

    Did anyone check the last place she was seen? i mean the houses. Hell someone may have her up there…..people are crazy!!!!!!!!! DAMN WHERE ARE YOU MITRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smartman

    Who cares? The missing-murdered white girl did not commit a crime nor have drugs in her possession. But the black girl had drugs on her person and did a “dine and dash”..e.g. skipped out on a dinner tab. She is a criminal and bad things happen to criminals.