The Court of Public Opinion

  • Sharonda

    This is hilarious!

  • This is bull shit. I still think JC is wrong about the Rick Warren issue, but this has nothing to do with the invite to the inauguration. This is about GLBT audiences and clubs promoting, or at the very least condoning racism. This has nothing to do with “art” or free speech.

    I went to this guy’s MySpace page. Here are his upcoming “performances.”

    January 10th – San Jose, California (Tinkers’ Damn)(408) 243-4595

    February 14th – Warner Robbins, Georgia

    March 22nd – Baltimore, Maryland

    April – Baton Rouge, Louisiana(Apollo Crew)

    September 5 – New Orleans, Louisiana (Bourbon Pub)(504) 529-2107

    I found phone numbers for a couple of the venues. I suggest a call a day at least to let them know that black face isn’t funny and as a community we won’t support this crap.

  • On The Road Again?

    Are we going down this road again? Everytime Jasmyne’s self esteem gets low, she starts all over with promoting Shirley Q. Liquor by creating “awareness”. A large percentage of that “awareness” is publicity, only making the shows more popular. Bless her heart, “she means well”. When people hear this stuff, they KNOW it is funny. I think Jasmyne just wants to be a part of the show…….. What I was told is that show business ain’t easy.

  • Nyah M

    It is funny how the mainstream gay community want to say African-Americans are not voting for Prop 8 but they are willing to tolerate this racism from this bastard year after year.

    I wonder can we throw a platform boot at this fool.

  • Kamikapse

    Not trying to defend that “comedian” but the line

    “…yeah and I’m the one who’s racist? Puhlease!”

    was kinda awkward.
    Following your reasoning this would allow every white racist guy pick someone, who’s worse than them and say the same thing.

  • I’m so sick of the White gay double standard here. Defend Chuck Knipp’s racist minstrel show ad nauseum, but get their panties in a knot over Rick Warren and Black community homophobia.

    Let’s see you White gays deal with your problem child first before you even have standing to demand the Black gay community deal with ours.

  • “You White Gays”

    Monica sound like a segregationalist. “…you White gays…”

    Let’s see “you blacks” find a way to prove that a lot of the comedy in the Shirley Q. Liquor show isn’t real or doesn’t exist? Most of the stereotypes are REAL. I think that must be what pisses you off so bad. Go to any Burlington Coat Factory or Wal-Mart……Shirley Q. Liquor is EVERYWHERE….the only difference is…..they are real women, and they are really black. OKAY?

  • The comments on this post break my heart.

  • B lack Same-Gender-Loving Man

    I’ve never really been the politically correct type. I am being as honest as I can when I say I don’t give a damn about the mainstream white LGBT or the black community. I am so over and annoyed by this Prop 8/ Rick Warren-Obama fiasco. I have never felt apart of any community whether it be the African American community or the white LGBT or black LGBT communities. Each community is full of blatant hypocrisy and prejudice. I march to the beat of my own damn drum. I don’t need a community to tell me how to think and act.

  • And again I say, conservative gays wonder why they don’t have any support, specifically from POCs and POC LGBTs.

  • Political Girl

    Denny, can you please define “conservative gays?” A part of the problem with the white gay leadership is that they appear as extremist in terms of the strategies that they employ. For example, the picketing of churches, harassing the 75 year old lady who disagrees on the marraige question, throwing Rev, Joseph Lowery, who agrees with the gay community on most issues including civil unions, but not marriage, under the bus just for that 1 issue. How is that type of leadership “conservative?” The leadership to me, appears to be anti-God and anti-faith with these types of actions. Most gays and lesbians that I know grew up in the church, synogogues, etc.

  • Cheese Lady

    Do anybody need any cheeses? It be hard times, and I was told I had to give out so many blocks of cheeves or I would possibly be laid off down at the cookie factory. Somebody, ANYBODY PUHLEASE take some of this damn cheeves. I know you gulls be hongry. Good cheeves give you strong bomes and muscles like a Chow Chow dog.

  • @Political Girl,

    By conservative gays I’m referring to the racist LGBT white gay leaders who Jasmyne is addressing. You’re right their actions are extreme because they do just much damage (arguably more) to the gay rights movement as do straight conservatives/Republicans.

    I call them conservative gays because, I just find it better than lumping all white gays together because there are some white gays who don’t co-sign on this nonsense.

  • Political Girl

    Thank you for your explanation on this. I totally agree with your assessment.

  • Political Girl


    Thank you for your explanation on this. I totally agree with your assessment.

  • AJ

    You know why the Black community has a problem with Shirley? Because they realize that what she is speaking of; commenting on is the reality in low income neighborhoods. And it doesn’t happen JUST in the Black community. It happens in EVERY community. I cannot tell you how many times I have been to comedy clubs and heard a routine that depicted poverty in a Hispanic community, Asian, Indian – you name it, it happens. You know what the funny thing is – If a Black comedian went on stage, dressed in drag, speaking Ebonics and doing what Chuck does, everyone in the audience would fall off their chair laughing and “raising the roof.” Why? Is it because Blacks feel that only Blacks can make fun of other Blacks because they “can understand and relate?” Common! This is a tongue-and-cheek satire. If you can’t take it, or you feel offended, then don’t listen to it. Don’t go to the show. But don’t hate on someone who is just trying to bring a little laughter, at a time when laughter is the only free thing in the world right now. PS-A little side note: Search YouTube and you’d be surprised by how many Black folks have his satire on their page – and find it “haylarious.”

  • Ty

    This is a waste of time, the white gays find it funny and will continue to support this fat, unfunny, racist man, and, then, the same ones will say blacks should be with them in their fight for their civil rights, sorry, not this black gay man, I disavow the white gays racists as the white straight ones, they are no different and will show that at the ballot box and call them out when they cry that they are not being treated fairly.

    And, oh yeah, I bet the same gay white ones who were harping about Prop 8 and spewing racial slurs are this creatures biggest supporters. And, I’ll agree with Rick Warren any day of the week as long as they still find this trash funny, since its obvious thet are white first and gay second.


    I was born white and gay at the same time. Does that make me mongoloid? I think a lot of you all need to be put on rill strong bi-polar / nerve medications. Either that, or have skin bleached like Michael Jackson and “walk a day in a white gay’s shoes”. LOL Oh wait…..nothing on earth has ever happened to ANY culture that could possibly make them more superior than “black gays”. We owe you all so much we are going to need a “Gratitude Bailout” LOL

  • Mitch

    It’s quite obvious why prop 8 passed, and will continue to pass. By reading these comments, it seems the White gay community has lost its mind. How can you defend an act of this nature. Can you be so ignorant of the history of Black face performances in these country. How many White gays would be up in arms if a heterosexual person dressed up and perform all the negative stereotypes of the White gay community. Let me provide an overview of the performance:

    Limp wrist, methodone using, chasing after underage boys, having sex in public places, and an emotional wreck.

    Every single human rights group would be protesting this performance. This is just unacceptable behavior.

  • TeacherMomof2

    So, okay, using the failed logic of some of the posters: The stereotypes of gays are real, too? Wow. Learn something new every day.


  • Mike

    Mitch, I agree, while this is so vile but he/it knows there are plenty of white gay men who think he is telling them how blacks really are and are willing to pay for it, the thing that amazes me more is that there are more than a few white gay folks who say there is nothing wrong with it on any level, which is how they always are when its about them getting their fun on and yet got ticked off about Prop 8 and the alleged black voters who helped it pass. And, they get ticked off that hardly no black people, gay or straight can relate to them on any issue of civil rights.

    And, I guess this obese bigot in a wig is angry as all out, that make-up looks like something one would find in the toilet, disgusting.

    Good luck to the few white gays who really aren’t bigots/racists, but, there will never be any sort of bridge building as long as this is tolerated and blacks told to get over it.

  • Rusty

    “Good luck to the few white gays who really aren’t bigots/racists”

    I am a white lesbian and I can tell you that there is not one single glbt person in my circle that would think this guy is anything but a moron. How about if we try to avoid all stereotypes?

  • A PROUD Black Gay Male

    As Madea would surely say, Shirley Liquor is “funny as Hell!” More power to her and all her white & BLACK supporters! I’m so f****n tired of people trying to POLICE the thoughts of others. If you DON’T like the show – DON’T GO SEE IT! It really is that simple. Grow up people and get a life! Go find someone who really needs some help and QUITE wasting your time trying to censor folks. This is AMERICA! We are supposed to be FREE — not just when it’s convienent for you! And by the way, “How U Durrrin?”


  • Trees

    That drag queen looks stanky.

  • shawn

    Hello “A PROUD Black Gay Male” you’re one big ol SNOW QUEEN. To love this idiot but we understand. How’s your white Daddy treating ya?

  • YAYA!!!

    “I’m so f****n tired of people trying to POLICE the thoughts of others. If you DON’T like the show – DON’T GO SEE IT! It really is that simple.”

    I’m so f****n tired of people trying to POLICE the thoughts of others. If you DON’T like GLBT’s getting married- VOTE YES! It’s really that simple.

    Both sound wrong….

  • Mitch

    This is so offensive on so many levels. I recall just over 2 years ago, Halle Berry made a comment about a distorted picture of her that made her nose look large. Halle’s Jewish assistant made reference to the picture as Halle’s Jewish cousin. The media and everyone went crazy about the comment. This situation is far worst. Somethings you just should not do. I am not going to dress up and attempt to imitate another culture. It’s wrong and just shows a lack of class.

  • Mitch


    You are right as well. Let Shirley imitate all the Black snow queens that run around in their community. I would not mind at all. These fools irritate me to no end.

  • Datalore

    Any white gay person who thinks that Shirley Q. Liquor’s performance is anything but blatant racism needs to do some serious soul searching.

    That said, it’s a little annoying to read this constant insinuation that every gay person with white skin finds Shirley Q. Liquor entertaining. I’m white, and I think he’s an embarrassment.

    Not everybody who shares a skin color shares worldviews. I’m sure Ms. Cannick would be surprised to find that a lot of black gay people don’t think same-sex marriage is a “white gay luxury” and see how Prop. 8 and the activities of the religious right affect all of us, regardless of our racial or ethnic backgrounds.

  • Ralph

    Excuse me… but Shirley Q is NOT specifically popular with “gay white males,” in the south (oh LORD those poor, ignorant southerners who can’t read who need to be taught how to ACT Right by by the rest of the country) she’s just as well liked by black gay males.

    It’s ALL so wrong – but nothing is that simple or easy. The bitch be funny.

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