Before I get started on the so-called national gay leadership of America’s failure to fulfill it’s role as an ally, please note, for the most part I don’t care, I am only commenting on what I have observed over the past week.  My commitment and passion has been and will always be for empowerment of Blacks.

Moving on.

So it’s been five days since Michael Sandy died after his family removed his life support system.  And in five days, I have heard absolutely nothing from the top two national predominately white gay rights groups, that being the Human Rights Campaign and The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, on the death of Michael Sandy, a Black gay man.

So here you have HRC and the Taskforce, two groups who are always trying to get the National Black Justice Coalition, the Black gays, to follow behind them and join their various coalitions, all in the name of showing diversity and unity, but when NBJC leads on an issue that is important to Black gays, they are nowhere to be found. 

HRC has issued the five press releases since Friday, October 13, 2006.  The Task Force has issued one statement.  None of their statements had anything to do with Sandy.

When Matthew Shepard was killed, HRC and the Task Force were falling all over themselves trying to be the first out there with press releases and statements. 

And yet, in the five days since Michael Sandy died not a peep about it.

To add to that, there are Black people who do work for these organizations who are aware of what happened to Michael Sandy.  I know for a fact because one of them sits on my board.  But still nothing.

So we have the Black leadership that has basically looked the other way because Sandy was gay and then we have the gay leadership who has looked the other way because he was Black. 

Again, it’s not that I care about HRC and the Task Force, but this is what I have observed. 

Remember the silence from HRC, the Task Force, and these other groups when they come asking for your support.  Ask them what have they really done to support the Black gay community.  Tell them that sending their House Negroes to Black Prides doesn’t cut it either.  There’s more to our community than Pride celebrations.

Racism in the gay community is as rampant as homophobia in the Black community.