Continuing on in our conversation about Oscars So White…

Asking white Hollywood liberals to boycott the Oscars makes way more sense than asking Black people to refrain from watching the ceremony. We’re going to do that anyway and it’s not going to do much in terms of making the difference that most Blacks seem to want to see when it comes to the Academy Awards–the inclusion of more African-American nominees.

No, it’s white liberal Hollywood’s turn to put their money where their mouth is and show us that they believe what they’re always talking about when it comes to equality for all and ending racism and discrimination.

No one is asking them to do anything that goes against what they claim to already stand for. We’re talking about liberals in Hollywood. I’m just asking them to demonstrate it because being an ally should mean more than just lip service on whatever the day’s controversial topic is. It means more than just raising money for the first Black president and the Democratic Party. It means more than adopting African babies and it even means more than marrying a Black person. Sometimes you actually have to stand up and do something and that something should be skipping the Oscars this year or pulling a Marlon Brando. That’s a message that the mostly old, white and male voting members of the Academy can’t ignore. But most importantly that’s a message that America won’t be able to ignore when they tune in and don’t see their favorite stars all decked out in their Oscars best.

If we really want to see change we have to be strategic about it. If the Academy takes a hit financially because the nominees for Best Actor/Actress in leading and supporting roles skip the red carpet and the ceremony and Americans tune out due to the lack of white stars in rented jewels and designer gowns, they might think twice about a third straight year with no Black nominees.

This isn’t about Blacks trying to join a club that doesn’t seem to really want them. It’s about calling out a group of people who are the first to call for equality for all–women, the LGBT community and minorities. It’s time for white Hollywood liberals to either put up or shut up once and for all.