…that an African-American freshman Senator from Illinois would beat out his Democratic rivals in Iowa, I-O-W-A, to the tune of 38 percent of the vote in his bid for the White House?  What a way to start off the New Year and let’s hear it for Senator Barack Obama.

"On this January night, at this defining moment in history, you have
done what the cynics said we couldn’t do," Obama told wildly cheering
and chanting supporters Thursday night. "We are choosing hope over
fear, we are choosing unity over division and sending a powerful
message that change is coming to America

Next up are the Wyoming caucuses on the 5th, followed by primaries in New Hampshire on the 8th, Michigan on the 15th, Nevada on the 19th, South Carolina on the 26th, and Florida on the 29th.

I hope ya’ll are registered to vote cause talk is cheap and opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.  If you complain but then don’t get up off your ass and exercise your right to vote, you’re the fool.