Paris_hilton_wallpapers_3_800_600_2_2After a night of drinking and clubbing, white blonde heiress Paris Hilton and buddies were surrounded by paparazzi when her boyfriend Stavros Niarchos tried to accelerate away and smashed into the back of a large commercial truck and then left the scene.   The car was soon pulled over by police and after a short interview, the friends were allowed to continue on their way, but not before Paris blew a kiss to the cop, saying, “Thank you officer, we love the police!”

Let me recap this story a bit more accurately for you.

A car full of white drunk people was involved in a DUI and then left the scene of the crime, therefore making it a hit-and-run, before eventually being stopped by a white Los Angeles Police Department officer and then being allowed to go on their way.

Now we all know, had that been a car full of Black people, they would have all been courted off to jail.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.   End of story.  Celebrity or non-celebrity, Black is Black.

When that L.A.P.D. officer let Hilton and her friends go, he reinforced the message that it pays to be white and that no matter what the crime, whites continue to get preferential treatment, even from the police.

Over half of all prisoners in America’s jails and prisons are Black and brown and are there for petty crimes and drug offenses.  But because of their skin color, are more likely to get harsher sentences in state and federal courts than whites.  Black and brown people are also less likely to be offered plea bargains, summary probation, the option of having their juvenile records sealed, or alternative sentences like alcohol and drug diversion programs in comparison to whites.

Driving under influence is a very serious crime and with it brings heavy penalties including fines and jail time.  Hit-and-run’s are considered particularly heinous, especially when bodily injury or death is involved.

Black actress Halle Berry was placed on three years probation, fined $13,500 and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service in 2000 for a hit-and-run accident after she reported the mishap to police at the hospital.

It’s disheartening to see Hilton and her friends get off without so much as a warning from an obviously star-struck officer when Blacks everyday deal with racial profiling and mistreatment at the hands of the police.  And while most of these incidents are never caught on tape or even reported, we know it still happens.

Young Black men and women looking at MTV and seeing what happened –or in this case, what didn’t happen to Paris Hilton, are left with the impression that there are different laws for whites and Blacks where the police are concerned.

Hilton and her friends, obviously intoxicated should not have been allowed to get back into their Bentley.  At the very least, the officer should have checked the sobriety of each of the passengers to see if there was anyone who wasn’t drunk and was legally able to drive them home safely.  What if there had been another accident, this time involving injury to one or more parties?  I guarantee you that same officer would be in a lot more trouble than he is today.

The Black community needs to demand that Hilton and her buddies be charged with felony DUI and hit-and-run charges because right is right and wrong is wrong and no one is above the law.  Not even an heiress like Hilton.  In addition, the officer that let her and her buddies go is not without fault either and is obviously incapable of doing his job.

And let’s not forget, Paris Hilton is the same person who referred to two Black men as “dumb niggers” after they asked her to model their clothing line.  She’s no friend to Blacks.