I’m in a foul mood this morning.  Why you ask?  Because my morning television news broadcast was being dominated by Lindsay Lohan’s latest stunt.

Just like with Paris Hilton, the media is intently focused on the tragic and sad life of a millionaire gone bad.

Spare me and get back to half ass reporting and sugar-coating what’s happening overseas in Iraq.

Who gives a rat’s ass about some chick who has everything and can’t manage to get it together?  Not me.

I wish I did have Ms. Lohan’s millions.  You can bet you wouldn’t catch me in Santa Monica or anywhere else driving drunk.  I’d be too rich for all of that, I’d just hire a driver.

But more seriously, America’s fascination with white blonde women is getting tired and old.

Next week it will be someone else so let’s get back to reporting on the news that affects the majority of us poor and working class citizens and it ain’t Lindsay Lohan.