Now see this is the kind of bullshit I do not appreciate…

There’s a sign up on Crenshaw Boulevard at Exposition letting drivers know that the Shaw is going to be shut down at Exposition this Friday at 9 p.m. through Sunday for work on the Expo Line. A pain in the ass, but one that is manageable with advanced notice.

Tonight, I leave the tennis courts as I normally do, make a U-turn head back to Crenshaw and bust a left only to find that Crenshaw is closed at Exposition Boulevard, forcing me to make a detour around Earlez Grill and back to Rodeo over to 12th Avenue.

Look—we’re reasonable people. If you’re going to shut down the street on Tuesday night—then say that. Don’t put up a sign that says Friday through Sunday the street will be closed.

All I am saying is that in a city that can’t manage to get most of its projects completed on time and within budget, we sure are bending over backwards on this Expo Line, including working around the clock, holidays and all to complete it. And still, day in and day out, I can count on one hand with all five fingers in tact the number of Blacks I’ve seen working on the Expo Line from La Brea Avenue down to USC. Oh and lest I forget to mention how I hate the way it just split our neighborhood in half in effect aiding and abetting the already out of control gentrification of my neighborhood.

I’m just saying…