More in the pageant of the bizarre…

I’d hate to be New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner’s press secretary today.  As a press secretary I can tell you these are the kind of days that you dread.  I mean really, how do you spin this?

For the record, I never once believed the story that Rep. Weiner’s Twitter account was hacked when a photo of what is now confirmed as his bulging underwear was tweeted out.  Uh huh. He’d have been better off blaming it on the alcohol.

To tell you the truth, I really thought it was a mistake made by his communications person who is usually the one who sends out tweets on behalf of sitting members of office.  As a press secretary and communications director, I can tell you that it’s very rare for elected officials themselves to send out tweets.  That’s what they hire us to do.

But now the truth has come out—kicking and screaming, don’t get it twisted.  If Rep. Weiner had his way, the truth would have never come out.  He just realized like his fellow Republican and Democratic elected male colleagues caught in similar political scandals that the truth was coming out with or without him.  It was just a matter of who was going to get to the microphone first.

Now I don’t want you to be fooled.  Rep. Weiner didn’t come clean today because it was the right thing to do.  He came clean because he was caught between a rock and’s publisher Andrew Breitbart.  In these types of situations no one ever just comes clean. Even with California’s former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child revelation, that only happened because there was the real possibility that Maria was going to do it first.

And yes,  I am probably one of the few people that aren’t as bothered about what he did.  Elected officials, especially male elected officials are just that, males.  Sorry.  They are not some special sort of the male race that is above and beyond cheating and scouring the Internet for online relationships.  Am I bothered that he lied?  Not really.  Elected officials lie to us all of the time, Rep. Weiner is no exception.  Why get picky now? Think about it.  You know I’m right.  Besides, if we look to members of Congress or any elected official to be our moral compass, we’re in big trouble.

What’s going to cost Rep. Weiner his office—since he so arrogantly refuses to resign, is when, where, and how he communicated with those women.

You could easily argue that members of Congress are technically at work 24/7.  I know when I worked it in the House as a press secretary it certainly felt like that.

And chances are he did not use his home computer—he’s married.  If he went though the trouble to establish a secret identity to carry out his dirt, I doubt he’d be that careless to do it from a shared computer.

Whether or not he used his Congressional issued smartphone is going to be the ticket I think.  Well, that and any evidence that he directed his staff, in particular his press secretary, to cover up his indiscretions in the media—you know like by issuing a statement that his Twitter account was hacked.   Press secretary’s are paid for with taxpayer dollars, FYI.

If any of the evidence points to him using a smartphone, computer, or staff member paid for with taxpayer dollars, it won’t matter whether or not Rep. Weiner wants to resign.  That’s what we call a “done dada.”

Only time will tell and something tells me that it won’t be too long before all of the facts are in.

On another note, it might be time for Congress to hold hearings on the rash of political scandals in Washington and what might male Congressional members do to better get a handle on a their sexual drive while they are away from their wives or at the very least how to use Twitter and Facebook for Dummies.  And yes, for those paying attention, I said wives and not spouses because nearly all political scandals involve married men.  Which is not to say that female elected officials don’t cheat but maybe women are just smarter about covering their tracks.