A scene from the movie The Skulls and what I picture a LAPD Board of Rights hearing looks like, lol.

A scene from the movie The Skulls and what I picture a LAPD Board of Rights hearing looks like, lol.

It seems that Los Angeles Police Department veteran Detective Frank Lyga has been ordered to a Board of Rights hearing as of yesterday.  I’m told the news was delivered to him via Captain II Charles Hearn of the Gang and Narcotics Division sometime yesterday afternoon.  This comes after an Internal Affairs investigation concluded with the recommendation for a BOR hearing.  What’s unclear is exactly what he’s being charged with, but as Chief Charlie Beck told us, he only sends officers before a BOR to be terminated.

Lyga is a 28-year veteran of the LAPD who was relieved of duty after audio surfaced of a training that heard Lyga making disparaging remarks about his colleagues, command staff, and seemingly taking joy in his killing of Black police officer Kevin Gaines in 1997.

Lyga says on the audio that his only regret regarding the shooting was that Gaines was alone in the truck at the time and that he could have “killed a whole truckload of them” and “would have been happily doing so.”

At the time of the shooting, which sparked the Rampart scandal, Lyga said that he didn’t know who Gaines was and that he had never met him before.

However, in the audio, Lyga recalls an earlier encounter he had with a former trainee, Derwin Henderson, who happened to have Kevin Gaines in the car with him, completely contradicting his earlier account of the 1997 incident or as the LAPD refers to it as “providing false and misleading statements.”

The comments were made at a November 15, 2013 LAPD Detective School in-service training at the Police Academy.

According to a November 18, 2013 memo to Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger from an unnamed officer in that training,  Lyga said that he had threatened to go to the media after he shot and killed Kevin Gaines in 1997. Lyga told approximately 37 people, including members of the LAPDGlendale Police Department,California Highway PatrolLos Angeles Port Police, and Los Angeles Unified School Police, that then Chief Bernard Parks wanted to “send him to another unit” after the shooting to “hide him for awhile.” Lyga said that he was “pissed” and told his Captain at the time that “if Parks puts me there I’m going to the media and tell them that this was a sanctioned hit on Gaines by the LAPD.”

Lyga followed those comments by laughing and saying “I basically blackmailed the Chief.”

In addition to gloating over killing Gaines, Lyga described 77th Division Captain Lillian Carranza as a “very cute Hispanic lady who couldn’t find her ass with both of her hands.”  Lyga also said Carranza had been “swapped around a bunch of times.”

She’s now suing alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress and false light invasion of privacy, and is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Lyga also referred to civil rights attorney Johnnie Cochran as a “crooked-lipped motherfucker” and attorney Carl Douglas as [Johnnie Cochran’s] “little Ewok assistant.”  You can hear it all below.

No word yet on the date for Lyga’s Board of Rights hearing or if that hearing is going to be suddenly canceled by the Chief of Police.  What we do know is that Lyga is represented by Ira Salzman, an attorney known for representing police officers.