Hello, may I speak to Charles and RuPaul,
This is Jasmyne
You know who I am
The reason I am writing you is because I was going through my email one morning
And I just happened to find an email with your name in it
So woman to woman
I don`t think it`s being anymore than fair
To write you and let you know
Where I`m coming from…

One of the golden rules of debating is to attack the idea and not the person.  This is something that you obviously have not mastered with your latest stunt of superimposing my head on some other woman’s naked body and then tactlessly posting it on your website.

And while I had apprehensions about publicizing your latest attack on Black women, I felt that it was very necessary for people to know that you are not above anything when it comes to mocking and making fun of Black women.

Obviously it’s not me, it’s my head, but that is somebody else’s real body.  It’s degrading and quite frankly embarrassing for the both of us, whoever she is.

But you know, I’m not surprised.  This is the kind of person you are.

A man who out of one side of his mouth tells the media that you love you some Black people and was raised by a Black woman and you have nothing but the utmost respect for us, all the while you make a living by degrading us and our race.  And this couldn’t be more evident just by taking one look at your website.

Now I don`t know how you`re gonna take this
But whether you be cool or come out of a bag on me
You see it doesn`t really make any difference
But it`s only fair that I let you know
That the race you degrade and ridicule everyday
Is mine…

Now see, I could have called you a piece of poor white redneck trailer park trash or RuPaul a tired has been who is confused about which race he belongs too, but I didn’t.  I attacked the idea and not the person.

But you have a history of playing dirty.  I remember last year when we successfully got a few of your shows canceled, how you had my number posted on the Internet and your faithful followers called and verbally attacked me with racist rants and death threats.  And just like I wasn’t worried then, cause’ quite frankly, you and I both know your folks ain’t coming down to the hood, I’m not worried now.

From the top of my head
To the bottom of my feet
The bed I sleep in
And every piece of food I eat
The race you’re in love with
is mine not yours.

You see, we make it possible
The clothes on your back
Ha ha, we buy them
The car you drive
We pay the note every month

Yes, it’s so true Charles.  As reported by Rolling Stone Magazine, you make your living, and a good living at that, from the degradation of Black women.  We pay for all that you have and it’s time that we shut your Shirley Q. Liquor act down permanently.

Charles, you told Rolling Stone Magazine that you routinely sell out venues in the South, and that your Shirley Q. Liquor character is a huge draw at the annual “Gay Mardi Gras” in New Orleans.  In the same article, you said that your core audience is “gay men, their moms and rednecks,” your words not mine.

Rest assured Charles that wherever you are booked to perform your racist Shirley Q. Liquor act, we’ll be right there.  And public venues that choose to book you regardless of your act, will be boycotted and exposed for hiring acts that are racist towards Black people.

It’s not personal, it’s business baby.

So I`m telling you these things
To let you know how much I love being a Black woman
And woman to woman
I think you`ll understand
How much I`ll do to protect my people
Woman to woman
If you`ve ever been in love
Then you know how I feel
And woman to woman
Now, if you were in my shoes
Wouldn`t you do the same thing too

RuPaul, you went on a gay radio show and defended Charles’ act last year saying, “I love it.  People really need to take a chill pill and people really aren’t sophisticated enough to know that when a person is coming from a place of love as opposed to coming from a place of hate.  Shirley Q. Liquor is so clearly coming from a place of love.”

Are you still willing to defend him after this latest attack?

Because clearly that photo isn’t a photo out of love nor are the others that are currently posted on Charles’ website including the photo of Barack Obama smoking a cigarette superimposed on the head of a religious figure with the Illinois senator telling a follower to “Go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come follow Me.”

I`m talking to you
Woman to woman
You should be woman enough to understand
My people, I love my people

One day Charles I hope you’ll consider coming out from behind the sheets of your website and meet me one on one.  You don’t have to be scared.  I mean if you have the balls to put my face on a naked body and post it on the worldwide web, then you should have no problem debating me in person.  After all, you love you some Black women, don’t you?  And you know the golden rule about writing checks your ass can’t cash, right?

Don’t be scared.

And RuPaul, you’re included in this too.  Feeling frogish?

Until then, I’ll be waiting…woman to woman.