For my Baldwin Hills folks…yesterday on Santa Rosalia (say it with me ABC 7 morning news anchor Phillip Palmer Ros-a-lee-a not Ro-sal-ee-a)  and Buckingham, uh huh, right on the edge of what used to be Marlton Square, a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death by a woman in a wheelchair after fighting…over a man.

Sidenote: There must be something about that corner because four years ago, a man in a wheelchair rolled his gangbanging ass up to my car and when I thought he was going to ask me for some money, that mothafucka pulls out a knife and tries to stab me in the leg through my car window which I had rolled down.

Back to the story…

According the L.A. Times, the older woman, said to be about 30, was in police custody but neither her identity nor potential charges she could face were being released, said Officer Karen Rayner.

“It was apparently two females fighting over a guy. From the comments of callers, it sounds like it was a donnybrook – a lot of people fighting,” Rayner said of the multiple reports phoned in to police about the incident on Buckingham Road, near Santa Rosalia Drive, in Southwest Los Angeles about 4:30 p.m.

The victim was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead, Rayner said.

If you just had to tell her off, follow Shirley’s lead and pick up the phone.  I never heard of someone dying from being cussed out over the phone.

Yo, if someone knows who the 30-year-old is, please let me know, because she is going to get the Negro Please Award for this week. I don’t care if the 15-year-old fucked the 30-year-olds husband, boyfriend, and father—she’s in a wheelchair, and she’s fighting a baby over someone who probably doesn’t give two fucks about her and now guess what? She’s going to prison where she can fight with some more women, only this time…over women.

This shit makes me sick. We won’t fight for better living conditions, equal pay, access to jobs, an end to gang violence, better schools for our kids, honest representation in government, grocery stores that mirror those on the Westside, affordable housing, universal healthcare—and believe me I could go on—but we’ll roll our asses out of the house in a wheelchair with a knife to fight a BABY over a man.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t remember the Times’ article referencing “a man” being arrested. Nope. Just one sista headed to prison and the other to the morgue.

And to all of the “lookyloos” ya’ll just as bad for not putting an end to the fight before it ended in the death of a young girl.

Do we want to go back to referring to Buckingham and Santa Rosalia as the Jungles?  No? Well then stop acting like a pack of wild hyenas in heat over men who are just as fucked up in the head as you are.

Good morning Los Angeles.