If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you go and pick up the July 2007 edition of Ebony Magazine on shelves now.

The cover story “Who You Callin’ A…” delves into the topic of disrespect that comes from rappers, entertainers and everyday people…yeah us.

070707whoyoucallinFrom Ebony.com

This whole thing started with three words. “Nappy-Headed Hos.” We were outraged when a 66-year-old White man used the public airwaves to carelessly hurl that insult at the women of Rutgers University’s basketball team. America rose up, confronted his sponsors and his networks, and he was fired. And he should have been. But, in the midst of the Imus storm, it was amazing how fast the conversations in the media shifted from the vile and awful things that came out of his mouth to the vile and awful things that sometimes come out of the mouths of rappers, entertainers and everyday people. “The rappers made me do it,” we were asked to believe.

But we know better. We know that while there are elements of today’s music that celebrate the deprecation of Black women, there are also elements that celebrate the beauty and power and grace of Black women.

In addition, the story features the thoughts of some of today’s leading Black stars and old-school rappers including MC Lyte, India.Arie, Brotha J of X-Clan, Q-Tip, and Trina

There are a couple of worthwhile commentaries as well, including one from my mentor Professor Anthony Samad.  In case you don’t remember him, I posted one of commentaries last week on the treatment of Paris Hilton verses Isaiah Washington which got quite the reaction.

Anyway, go and pick it up.  It’s definitely worth reading.