So I forced myself to watch BETs We Got to Do Better, I admit it.  And I’ve got to say, I definitely absolutely without a doubt have not changed my mind regarding the show.  I was completely and utterly embarrassed for the people featured on it, not to mention just being embarrassed that they were Black.

From the A Hot Ghetto Mess Idols to the woman who thought Senator Barack Obama was the president of the NAACP back to the ‘do the neckbone’ crew, this sista is just shaking her head.

Sure, on the surface it may be funny, but peel back a few of the layers and it ain’t that funny.

For any Black person over the age of 13 not to know that Senator Barack Obama is a Black man running for the presidency of the United States is absurd and embarrassing.  Why the hell should the various parties waste their money advertising their election message towards us when we don’t even know who the candidates are, even when it’s a Black man?

Showing images of Black people frying and eating chicken, chomping on watermelon, and doing the ‘neckbone’ just continues to feed into those negative stereotypes of Blacks and gives the Shirley Q. Liquor’s (pictured) of the world justification for doing.

Oh and how can I forget the Hot Ghetto Mess Street Walking segment.  Are there any African-Americans on the Supreme Court?  I think he meant are there any African-American Justices serving in the United States Supreme Court.  Either way it goes, the majority of the answers were disappointing, especially from the sista that answered, “Yes. Two.”

If I am correct, there have only been six episodes to date done of this show and if you ask me that’s six too many.  Why do we do this to ourselves? No—make that, why do we allow others to make us feel good about doing this to ourselves?

If I am correct, there were an awful lot of Black folks hoopin’ and hollerin’ over Bill Cosby’s statements last year.  I heard them first hand for myself when he visited Compton High School and I was lucky enough to be in the front row.

Criticisms were that he shouldn’t have made those initial comments in such a public mainstream venue and that he was airing Blacks dirty laundry.  Well if Bill Cosby was airing our dirty laundry ,(which I have mixed feelings about because he was speaking the truth) then what the hell do you think We Got to Do Better is going?  It’s not only airing our dirt laundry, it’s hanging it out on the line for all the world to see.

At the end of the day this show is a stunt designed to undue all of the years of fighting for respect as a people and to cast Black people in a negative light for the world’s amusement.  Sure, they throw in a few tokens here and there of other races, but mostly this show is about Black people. 

You have the right to remain ignorant if you want too, but I choose otherwise.

So today’s featured song goes out to us.  Remember XClan?  I do.  Go back down memory lane with ‘Verbs of Power‘ and then follow that up with ‘Self Destruction’ by the Stop the Violence Movement. Both songs are still timely as ever.

On second thought, after driving to work today bumpin’ Little Brother, I’ll start the set off with his timely skit from the song ‘Lovin’ It.’