That’s right!  The long waited decision is here.  The City of Miami’s Code Enforcement Board ruled late Monday that Phillip Bleicher’s Flava Works, an Internet porn production and distribution company, is illegally running an adult entertainment business out of a single-family home at 503 NE 27th St. — zoned for residential use — and ordered that those operations cease.  (Click here to see video)

Can you say bye bye Pretty Ricky, Jerzey Flyrt and Nick Da Kannon?

The website is CocoDorm.com, where visitors can, for a fee, watch live video streams from the Edgewater house, where chiseled young males are paid $1,200, plus room, board and meals, to live in the two-story home for a month and have sex with each other on schedule.

According to yesterday’s Miami Herald, Flava Works attorney James Benjamin argued that the house, leased by Flava Works from owner Angel Barrios, was not part of the adult entertainment operation.   He also argued that business transactions don’t happen at the house and that all sales and distribution take place at Flava Works’ business office at 2610 N. Miami Ave.

However, the city’s director of code enforcement, testified that, on one occasion, he saw a man he recognized as ”Dorm Dude” Breion, who is prominently featured on the website’s main page, walk up to the Edgewater house and punch in a code to let himself in.

Go figure?

Of course, Flava Works plans to appeal the decision.

So don’t get your boxers all in a bunch just yet, the city has agreed to give Bleicher and his crew two weeks to get their “business affairs” in order.

I wonder where they’ll head to next now that Chicago and Miami and turned out less than receptive to their business.  They could always come to Los Angeles, we’re all sex feining heathens out here anyway and have a thriving porn industry.  Plus, as an added bonus you get me.  It makes it a lot easier to get the skinny when it’s going on in your own backyard.

And while I doubt this will stop Flava Works supporters from coming to my site today to voice their dissent, let me reiterate again that I not against porn. My issue with Flava Works is much more complex than that.  If you like porn that’s your business.  I’ve got no issues with that.
But there is a reason why all of these allegations and investigations have been launched against Flava Works.  From Chicago to Miami, the charges and allegations launched against Bleicher and Flava Works have ranged from the performance of unsafe  sex acts to illegal servitude and now illegally operating a business in a residential zone.  Equally distressing are reports centering around the conditions under
which the young men worked. Most of them Black and Latino, are reportedly at-risk youths,
runaways, homeless and easily manipulated.

In the words of R&B crooner Keith Sweat, “something something just ain’t right…” and
sooner or later the truth will come out.

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